Review: Sins & Needles (Artists Trilogy #1) by Karina Halle

Sins & Needles - Karina Halle

Sins & Needles is not for everyone. How is that a start for a book review? Yet it was a book for me, I loved it. From the beginning, Sins & Needles had me …. had me wanting more from the characters, and for the characters. To take a quote from the book, “It’s rough and sweet at the same time.” The story starts with two unlikeable characters. Characters that have done wrong and had wrong done to them. Characters that are perhaps not reformed but they do want out and they do want to be happy. How is that a premise for a book? Karina Halle is somehow able to take two unlikeable characters and tell their story in a very deep way. I didn’t walk away thinking – hey, I’d love to be friends with Ellie (the main character). I actually hope to never meet anyone like Ellie. But I do understand her and feel her pain. Ms. Halle took me down the road of Ellie’s past, her parents, and her recent failed love affair and while I don’t really sympathize with Ellie, I understand her and want more of her story. I love books and authors who take me places I had no clue I even wanted to go. And that is where Sins & Needles took me. 

“Never commit a crime when you’re the only person to blame.”

Sins & Needles is really a story about two characters circling around each other, who need each other and want each other. It is sexy and has a lot of passion behind it. 

“He laid me on the ground, the hard grass tickling the sides of my ears, and that was the last time he was gentle.”

The tension and storyline are kicked up a notch around halfway through the book and that is where it really takes off. A story like Sins & Needle wouldn’t be worth reading or as half as rewarding without consequences. Sins & Needles has just the right balance of presenting characters who seriously need to grow up, change, evolve and just letting their story unfold – no matter what happens to them. 

Karina Halle has a pre-quel to Sins & Needles: On Every Street. On Every Street is essential to understanding why Ellie does what she does when she flees Javier, but I recommend reading Sins & Needles first and then On Every Street. Readers who enjoy stories that center around characters and has some romance will like Sins & Needles but you gotta be open to reading about significantly flawed characters who don’t really want to improve.