House Of Fallen Trees

House of Fallen Trees - Gina Ranalli I won this book through First Reads and was excited to get the chance to read it. This book is a horror/ghost story. It is not in my typical genre that I read. Despite not being what I usually read, I was pulled into the story immediately. Literally several pages in, I felt connected to the main character. Ranalli artfully draws the characters and gives them life. The main character is a loner and a writer. Her brother has recently gone missing and she has nothing in her life beyond writing. This book scared me. I was afraid to turn off the lights. I started reading it while on vacation and renting an old house for the week, I was afraid to read it at night! The scenes are set up to scare and they do. The end of the story was slightly dissapointing, in that it ended in the manner that many horror films do -- with a not happy ending! By the end of the book I completely cared about the characters and their development, and I was frustrated that the end did not resolve everything and left me hanging. However, the ending was true to the story and I think Ranalli did right by the story and the genre to end the way she did. I would recommend this book.