Wolfsbane (Sianim Series #4)

Wolfsbane - Patricia Briggs 3.75 stars. Great characters, good interaction, very interesting magic. Fans of Patricia Briggs will recognize many themes and story lines from this sequel to Masques which according to an essay at the beginning of Wolfsbane -- she wrote many years ago. Themese such as a very strong female heroine that is liked by others and intersting but a loaner and she is not physically attractive but she is strong and appealing. Additionally, magic in this world Briggs has created has a cost -- it does not come easily, this seems very similar to the world Briggs created in the Mercy Thompson series and Apha & Omega series. Briggs touches on the bonding theme that is so strong in her other two urban fantasy series and it is clear where she got the idea of bonds that join mates but in a metaphysical way are tangible. Aralorn is the heroine of the story and "Wolf" (aka Cain) is the hero. Their relationship is touching and their interactions are very real. Cain is physically and emotionally scarred -- but he is a very powerful mage and shapechanger. Aralorn is half human and half shapechanger, she is also a spy and a mercenary. These are the main two characters in Masques, so Wolfsbane is a cotinuation of their story. Aralorn visits with her family and we get to know and see Wolf and Aralorn. Parts of the story were slower and dragged, but it as still a very intersting story, good characters and intriguing use of magic. It closes with the hope of a sequel. It is not clear of Briggs will write one, but I hope she does!