Trace of Fever

Trace of Fever - Lori Foster This book is the second full novel in the series Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor. This story continues where the first one left off, addressing the issue of domestic sex trafficking. Lori Foster introduces a cast of truly despicable characters who engage in trafficking women and of course there are good men and women who are dedicated to bringing the bad guys down. The book introduces a new female character Priscilla Patterson, or Priss. I have read other reviews of this book and it appears some reviewers did not care for Priss – I disagree, I liked her. Priss had an extremely sheltered background, she was raised to live in fear and as a result was not exposed to society in general. The choices Priscilla makes are consistent with how she was raised and the situations that the hero puts her in. Ms. Foster writes the heroine as a woman who is struggling with her past and trying to reconcile what she learned growing up with what has become her current reality. She encounters a man – the hero (Trace!) who does not really want to help Priscilla accomplish her goals but is thrown in with her lot and they have to struggle on together. There is some interesting encounters and struggles between the two main characters – Trace and Priscilla. Trace is a man who walks the edge of honor, so his choices are not always the ones that Priscilla would want. In the end, I found Priscilla likeable, the tension between Trace and Priscilla very real, and their romance (no surprise here!) enjoyable. Trace is an interesting hero and worthy of a book focused on him, I think ultimately that I liked Dare more than Trace, but reading about Trace was enjoyable. Readers get to see Dare, Molly, and Chris from the first book When You Dare. I enjoyed When You Dare a little bit more than Trace of Fever, however both are great books, filled with good character development and an interesting story line. If you enjoy romantic suspense, contemporary romance or Lori Foster I think you will like this book.