Savor the Danger

Savor the Danger - Lori Foster Savor the Danger is #3 in Lori Foster’s “Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor” series. This book is everything I would expect in a Lori Foster book and in a romantic suspense book – it is steamy, there is a nice romance and some decent action. The steam factor is nice, but there is substance to the story as well. The male character is instantly likeable and the female character is someone I would want as a friend. The setting is wonderful, much of the book takes place in a rural setting which is beautifully described and simply idealic.The male main character is Jackson, unlike Dare and Trace in the first two books, Jackson is casual in dress, casual in his lifestyle and has a bad boy background. In a way, Jackson reminded me of Sam Starrett from Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooter series. Alani is the female main character; she is a very likeable character and Trace’s little sister. I have liked all the female characters in this series, I have read reviews where some readers have strongly disliked either Molly (from #1 in this series) or Priss (#2 in this series), but I have enjoyed how Ms. Foster has deviated from a standard of female protagonists and female ideals – to introduce unique characters with their own agendas. Alani is no different, Alani may be tuned into the lifestyle Jackson has and thus is understanding in the need for security and privacy but she is a strong character with her own character and her own ideals. I tend to not like the virgin storyline, I just do not find it believable even in how it was set up in this book – I just can’t accept it. But it was well done and for the sake of enjoying the book, I was able to suspend my doubts and just go with the story. One of my pet peeves in pop fiction, romantic suspense or mystery books is to read the point of view of the bad guy, I just do not like this literary device and that is used in this book – ultimately I skimmed over those parts and I do not feel like my skimming these parts sacrificed the story line.I would recommend this book and this series for fans of romantic suspense and contemporary romance. If you are looking for a steamy romance with a strong male lead, this book will not disappoint.