Envy (Fallen Angels)

Envy - J.R. Ward This book had so much of what I love about JR Ward’s books. I like how she writes male protagonists and their interactions with each other. Ward has an interesting idea on the urban fantasy world, she makes it fun to read. I did feel it was too long, I ended up skimming some parts and felt I did not miss anything. Normally I really enjoy different points of view, Wards seems to do this well in her BDB series but the switches from Nigel, to Colin, to Sophia, to Veck and back and forth seemed to be done in a choppy way that it was really frustrating. So a definite weak point. Everything Ward fans love is in this book. I see this book as very different than the first two in this series (each which were different from each other in my opinion), this book appeared to be an attempt to capture Ward’s successful Black Dagger Brotherhood feel and bring it to this series. At first for me, this read was just good fun. The romance was good, the passion was good, the characters are interesting. But too much was like the BDB series and it was such a departure from the first two books in this series that it just seemed well like a copy of BDB. The fights with the lesser …. er … I mean demons, well they read almost play by play like the fights with the lesser – and how the demons are ultimate destroyed? Just seems way to close to killing lesser. The angels Eddie and Ad could fit right in with the BDB – similar clothing, similar language, similar age (i.e. ancient), similar method of traveling (flashing/dematerializing to places), partying hard, drinking hard, sharing women in bathrooms – wait these are angels right? I have no problem with angels – fallen angels – having fun. But there was one scene in this book that was really over the top and felt simply gratuitous. I actually do not have a problem with gratuitous sex in certain books, but this scene was inconsistent with the characters. The woman is portrayed as desperate, sad, lonely and only engaging in sex to fill this deep well of loneliness in her yet Eddie still has sex with her. I do not believe that an angel focused on saving the world from demons would use a vulnerable and hurting women just to meet his needs. Yes yes, Adrian helps take care of her at the end, but only after he allows her to be used by Eddie and he participates in it. Again, I have no problem with sex scenes, I have no problem if they are not forwarding the plot but this, this was just bizarre in the sense that the scene contradicted the nature of who these men are? It felt like I was reading a scene between Blay and Quinn or any other brothers. Another area in which I felt that Ward was incorporating her BDB world, Colin and Nigel used similar language as to the older vamps in BDB. Just too much cross over. I love the guilty fun of BDB and I will continue reading all the BDB books she puts out, but this seemed to me to be an attempt to capture her fan base and the popularity of BDB capitalizing on a few features she knows fans seem to really appreciate in the other series. Yes, yes yes it was fun to *see* the sightings of the brothers and to have the partial cross over in story.