Shadowfever (Fever Series #5)

Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning What can I say? I loved it. I loved the one year wait for the final installment in the series, I loved the speculation, the anticipation and I loved each and every book. Shadowfever was satisfying in so many ways. KMM answers the crucial questions for her fans, but leaves the ones that do not need to be answered opened. There are some really good twists and turns – some that I did not see speculated at all about. Great great series. SPOILERS BELOWWhat I love love loved about this book.I loved that JZB was a predator. This had been alluded to in the previous books where as JZB was very tuned into blood – the loss of blood, people’s veins, etc. What he is makes complete sense, but also it was done in such a unique and interesting way. The twist with V’lane was beautifully done. I loved that he was Cruce. I knew that Cruce would be important in this series and I doubted V’lane’s loyalty/intentions but making him Cruce was brilliant.Mac’s powers were very interesting. I loved the description of the silvers and the UK’s chambers. I think the change in Christian is very interesting. Christian has long been my favorite of this series, so I cannot wait to see how this develops. Unfortunately, I am guessing it will be a long time before our next installment. I loved the scene where the sinsar dubh came into BB&B and tried to convince Mac that her mother was alive. It was brilliant and of course ended with the killing off of a character that drove me crazy. JZB’s child I think really humanized him and helped explain his coldness, abusiveness and ruthfulness. It makes sense why he acted the way he did – he was not only on a mission, but on a mission to save his tortured child. What wouldn’t a parent do to accomplish that goal? Perhaps we can forgive some coldness and meanness to Mac? (but the birthday cake scene still remains unexplained ……..)I loved seeing more of Darroc, he was a fascinating character. I never felt sympathetic toward him, but he made for an interesting read. K’Vruck was a great addition! I loved the scenes with him. And it really helped make Mac’s line of thinking that she was the UK believable. And yeah – anything that kills Darroc is well – if not a good thing, applaudable. KMM’s description of Mac’s grief in the beginning chapters was so real. I felt her grief and I think she did an amazing job making the readers feel sad. I think I laughed out loud and squealed when I read JZB’s chapter from his point of view – it was such a relief after all we (okay Mac) had been through. NegativesThe Keltars and Adam. I was initially excited to see these characters and their wives/children (although we didn’t really see the wives/children). Their inclusion did not push the story forward and was done more as a gift to the fans – and hey, I’ll take it. I just wish their interaction could have been more substantive. I thought it was completely unbelievable that Adam would have refused to see the Queen. He spent ½ of Immortal Highlander trying to save the Queen’s love, the Queen gave him the love of his life and his current life and additionally, Adam owes so much to the Keltars for it happening – I just don’t believe he would resist seeing her.The little lies and mistruths Mac told both Christian and JZB were irritating. I really wish these hadn’t been included. I completely get why Mac paired up with Darroc, why she pushed her feelings down and moved on – but ugh, I hate fake love triangles premised on misunderstandings. Really? JZB didn’t get it? I found that entire part very irritating. I actually thought JZB and Mac were too lovey dovey. *ducks* I know, I know it is what we all have been waiting for and I am truly happy for the two of them, but I just thought too much time was spent on their bonding and 5 day sex-a-thon. And I could have done without the line, “Mac, I just saw you almost die, now I need to fuck you.” LOL. I know the intent was to show some primitive marking by a primitive and ancient beast, but wow – did that make me laugh and was so not sexy in my opinion. This is more not about the writing and the story but a negative about JZB – I loved him as a character, I think he is fascinating to read about and with but ewwww, the feeding of his son humans, what the hell does JZB eat?!!!, and the murder of a woman he bedded b/c he invited her to his room? I know his does everything for Mac. I know he won’t let her die, he dies for her over and over again, he is there for her and supports her – I do think that is great, but I personally can’t get past the other stuff. So he will never be a favorite of mine. Fascinating, yes – but not an ideal. Okay, enough of the negatives, I don’t want you to think I didn’t like this book. I did. I loved it. I enjoyed almost every page and plan on listening to the audio. I read this book slowly, digested it and took notes. I appreciate everything KMM did for her fans in this book, exploring all of our theories for us, and going out on a limb (Mac thinking she was the UK? – brilliant). I know I will read KMM’s next book the minute it hit the stands (or my Kindle), I hope she publishes it soon. Some favorite quotes:V’lane: "Accept me or kill me MacKayla. But choose. Fucking choose."Mac to V’lane: “I nodded back as if I had some clue what we were nodding about."This line needs no introduction: "Fucking Fairies."Christian to Mac: “Why'd you scream anyway?” He shouted at me...."she startled me is all" I shouted back. "Bloody great. Next time put a sock in it, would you?"