Cerulean Sins (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 11)

Cerulean Sins - Laurell K. Hamilton I started the Anita Blake series knowing what I was getting into. I had heard the bad buzz, but I also heard that the earlier books were solid good urban fantasy badass heroine writing. And I gotta say, that is true. I loved the first 10 books in the Anita Blake series. Loved them. Obsidian Butterfly ROCKS. The world LKH created in the book is damned scary, gruesome and surprising. I enjoyed the development of Anita from the first few books through books 5-10. Anita progressed, the characters grew on me and LKH often scared me senseless with her gory and gruesome stories. I am hugely happy that I enjoyed 10 books in the Anita Blake series. 10 very good urban fantasy books, not many other series give readers that many strong books. So I am not disappointed that I started it the series. Additionally, there have been no cliff hangers, so it is fine to just walk away. And that is what I am going to do. I am going to walk away from Anita Blake because Cerulean Sins is a disappointing read. It is disappointing on so many levels, but mainly I had grown to really like Anita as a character and she is no longer what she was in the first part of the series. What was the plot of this book? Well, there is no true plot per se, perhaps I am just being a stickler for literary guidelines, but there were definitely themes! Here are the ones I identified:1. Visiting super strong vamp. I know what readers of this series are thinking – didn’t a super strong vamp with amazing abilities from another territory visit in an earlier book (or wait, was it books?)? But this is a DIFFERENT super strong vamp with DIFFERENT amazing powers. 2. The visiting vamp wants to control Anita. Familiar? 3. The visiting vamp tries to get to Anita or see how she will react by threatening “her people”. Hmm, I know I have read this one before. 4. Anita protects her people and pisses off the visiting vamp. Yes, yes, you know this already BUT she does the pissing off in a really new and different way – she has sex with the person she is trying to protect. 5. The cops Anita works with give her a hard time and yell at her. They harass her at the crime scenes. What I don’t get is why do the police continue to call Anita to the crime scenes? Why does she continue to go when they call her? How many years has this harassment and belittlement been going on? I swear, I feel like I have read Anita’s posturing with cops in other books but I could be wrong …. 6. Some bodies are being raised, some general people in the background hate Anita. 7. Anita needs to feed the ardeur. Okay, this is a new theme. Because of the ardeur, Anita needs to constantly have sex and sexual contact and then feed off her sexual partners’ desire. Constantly. All the time. A lot. 8. Anita talks about feeding the ardeur. A lot. With everyone. All the men in her life talk about Anita needing to feed the ardeur. A lot. 9. The ardeur. 10. The ardeur. 11. Oh there is a murder or two. 12. Richard. Ah yes Richard. Anita talks about Richard. A lot. Why their relationship failed. How it failed. The moment it failed. I will let you read the details, I don’t want to spoil it for you. 13. Some silk underwear is involved – I lost track of all the men wearing tight silk stuff. 14. Lots of men need to take care of Anita, help her walk because she is overwhelmed by stuff, but she is still a toughie and wants to have access to her gun. 15. All the men want to have sex with Anita.So there you have it, the themes of Cerulean Sins. Good-bye Anita Blake. It was a good ride (err….) read for a while there.