Firelight: Number 1 in series (Darkest London)

Firelight - Kristen Callihan To begin with, I should have known better than to pick up this book. I am not typically a fan of paranormal romance (with a few exceptions). From my experience, the set up of the story in each paranormal romance I have read is pretty similar to the others. This book was no exception. We have a very old guy by human standards, who wants revenge and is scarred/hurt by his past. Then there is a heroine with long curly/full red hair who is much younger than the "hero"; she is spunky, a fighter and has powers that are unusual. Due to her circumstances she lives on the outer bounds of society and because of her family, she is not safe. This could be any one of the numerous paranormal romances that I have tried to read over the past few years. Lesson learned for me. I will stay away from paranormal romance. But I will say, that the writing was well done. The story line and plot were not for me. I can see where this would appeal to other people who enjoy this genre.