Storm Born

Storm Born - Richelle Mead This is a decent start to a series. Solid world building and interesting charcters are introduced. It is a very sexy book - shockingly sexy almost. But for me, something kept it from being great. I did not connect with the heroine and I almost didn't care what happened. I enjoyed her interactions with Kiyo and Dorian and then her interactions with her imprisoned spirits, those were the highlights for me. I listened to the audio and the narration is decent.I may just be all Meaded out as I just finished the Georgina Kincaid and Vampire Academy series. I do like how she pushes boundaries with her female characters. Mead's adult female characters are not chaste and have no regrets about that. This Mead theme is definitely refreshing in the urban fantasy/paranormal genre. I likely will read #2 eventually.Favorite line in the book (or one of them, Mead is good with one liners): "I needed tequila and def leopard in copious amounts and fast."