Fair Game (Alpha and Omega Series #3)

Fair Game  - Patricia Briggs I freaking loved this book! I loved the mystery, I loved Charles and Anna! I loved the glimpses of Adam and the Mercy Thompson world. Bran was amazing and Briggs gave us a good amount of Bran.Patricia Briggs has that special something that makes me feel so happy and contented to slip into her world and read any one of her books. The characters may be scary and the subject matter disturbing, but Briggs writes them in such a rich way that I wish I was there. The supernaturals in Briggs’ world are scary, not just spooky but frightening. They are strong, not entirely in control of their strength and quite a few of her supernaturals operate around a completely different moral compass than humans do. I love this about her books. The vampires are scary, the Fae are an unknown and usually powerful and scream-worthy and the werewolves? They are strong, beautiful, loyal but definitely not human. The Fae are not my favorite characters in Briggs’ books. Some of her past books have dwelt to heavily with Fae characters, in my opinion; Fair Game strikes the perfect balance. There is Fae intrigue but it takes place in the human world and involves human beings, werewolves and sociopaths. The focus of the story never strays from the werewolves and Anna and Charles are front in center.Fair Game picks up a few years after Hunting Ground and starts right after River Marked. There are references to the resolution of River Marked, readers who have not yet read River Marked and plan to do so, be warned there are spoilers to the ending of River Marked in Fair Game. Based on the timing, Charles and Anna have been together a few years and Anna has been in Montana for awhile. Like any couple, there are issues and Charles and Anna are no exception. Unfortunately, their problems have more to do with Bran and the outside world.Okay, so what about Charles and Anna? I have a strong preference for urban fantasy and fantasy with creative world building, intricate worlds and rich characters but if you throw in a romance, I will enjoy it. Well, Briggs does more than just throw in a romance, the story of Charles and Anna is not the driving force of these books – the characters, the world and the storyline are – -but Charles and Anna provide the structure and vehicle for telling the story. There would be no story without their relationship. Fans of Charles and Anna will not be disappointed, readers are treated with quite a few very sweet scenes and a few issues the couple has to work through. Maybe I say that too lightly – the issues facing the couple are dark, twisted and well, Briggs came up with a truly unique storyline of what was stressing Charles and Anna. Readers will not be left on a cliff wondering if Charles and Anna can resolve their problems though, Briggs wraps up these issues by the end of the novel.The ending was fantastic. I loved it. Many writers in this genre put out installment after installment of books that do not push the story arc further or change the game at all. Fair Game is not like that nor is Briggs a writer like that. What Briggs does so well is to continue to develop her world, she doesn’t ever rest on what she has already written – -she pushes her world building and her characters. Readers learn more about the Fae and their crazy world, more about the werewolves — and the characters and the worlds come to a very dramatic ending that leaves off in a way that makes me beyond excited for the next book!I have two complaints. First, I wish it was longer. Fair Game is a decent length novel, but I wanted more. Briggs definitely did not skimp on storyline or character development, I just am greedy and want more. Second, I fear it will be another 2 years or more until we get the next installment. Mercy Thompson #7 is due out Spring 2013, I guess I will have to be content with re-reading both Mercy and Alpha and hoping for some short stories from Briggs along the way.Full review at www.badassbookreviews.com and interview with Patricia Briggs at www.badassbookreviews.com on March 6, 2012!