First Grave on the Right

First Grave on the Right - Darynda Jones 3.5 Stars. I listened to the narration and it was done very well by Lorelei King. The voices are similar to the ones she used in Mercy Thompson series and Stephanie Plum series; but they are good voices so that is okay. The story was interesting, I enjoyed the Albuquerque setting. Books set in locations outside of the overdone cities of New York and London are always a plus. The premise of who Charley is, well is unique and I liked it. The one-liners were maybe a bit overdone (as was the coffee addiction), but the delivery of the humor by the narrator was great and I enjoyed several laughs while listening. First Grave was an interesting introduction to what seems like a fun and sexy series. I plan on reading the second one.This is definitely urban fantasy lite, nothing wrong with that but I do think fans of strong world building or readers expecting a complex fantasy system would be disappointed with this book. Go in to this series expecting something lighter. Charley Davidson is similar to Stephanie Plum (the humor, not the ineptness of the main character) meets Sookie Stackhouse: decent but simple world building, interesting side characters, funny dialgoue and inner monologue, unique setting and a decent enough mystery theme.