Camp Hell (PsyCop)

Camp Hell - Jordan Castillo Price Camp Hell delivers more of PsyCop goodness. There is Vic's funny introspection, Jacob in all his glory, more insight in to the depth of Vic's powers and his past, and we learn more about Jacob as a person. Readers who are ready to start with installment #5 are well acquainted with Vic and well, he is good old Vic:“The map of the transit system should’ve been easy to read. I knew where I was, and I knew where I was going. The routes were color-coded. But there was that transfer thing, and the special Sunday turnaround, and every time I thought I had a handle on which train station I should go to, the route dissolved in my mind and I was left gazing at the big map and starting over again at “you are here.”" “Miraculously, nothing landed on my suit – which I was dying to get out of, but the thought of being naked with all that judgmental, muscular bulk in my house made me uneasy …”And Jacob, is … well … Jacob: “I heard Jacob come in and bound up the stairs. He’s got energy to do things like that, because he eats right, exercises, and doesn’t take questionable pills.”And as ever present, there is the city of Chicago making its appearance subtly by description: “A faraway gunshot, a few blocks away, at least. There weren’t any followup shots, or screams or sires, either. Typical noise. I’d been sleeping through it for years.”Camp Hell brings some interesting changes to the series and it truly is one of my favorites in the series. To begin with, the book itself is longer than the earlier novellas – it is close to 300 pages. While this series has always been more character driven than romance focused, Vic and Jacob’s relationship has some serious progression which is very nice to read about. Not only is their relationship progression, but Vic is getting closer to learning about his own history. Through an interesting method of writing flashbacks into the story, Ms. Price shows us Vic in his early twenties and what life was like for him while he was in Camp Hell. Vic reflects on his attitude when he was young and makes fun of who he used to be. In her typical style, the scenes are funny but emotionally gripping as well. One of the most rewarding parts of this book for me focuses on Jacob and what he learns about himself. Jacob is more vulnerable in Camp Hell – vulnerable emotionally that is. He makes his love for Vic known and there are quite a few scenes that had me on the floor due to the sweetness. Basically, Jacob is becoming more three dimensional to the readers because, I think, he is becoming more three dimensional to Vic. He is not just beefcake anymore. The hardest part of finishing Camp Hell (although I finished the book with a huge smile on my face) is knowing that there is only one more published book left in the series. Although Ms. Price is working on sequel which should be out later this year. Thank goodness..