Sunrise Point (Virgin River Series #19)

Sunrise Point - Robyn Carr When Carr gets it right, she gets it so right. I was disappointed with the last installment in the series Redwood Bend, it was a three star book -- still good but not great. But Sunrise Point makes up for that and more. While Sunrise Point has a few characters from previous books, I believe that this book can be read out of order and as a standalone, however it does push along the story arc as well and close up some loose ends. The heroine of the story was first introduced in Bring Me Home for Christmas and has appeared in a few of the stories since #16. There are some visits with the good old characters -- Noah, Jack and Ellie are referenced, but that is about it. The story truly centers around Tom and Nora, Nora's personal struggles to raise her family and deal with her family history, and Tom's desire to settle down with the right woman. As in most of the Virgin River stories, there is a small love triangle that is not tension filled and used mainly to allow the characters to see what they really want out of life. The love interest that ends up getting discarded is funny and the scenes surrounding her make it clear she is not going to be the one chosen. Tom, the hero of Sunrise Point, has to figure out if what he wants is simply a beautiful woman or a woman that may have some baggage, but is truly he his soulmate. In a funny way, Carr shows what it takes to be really beautiful and thin (definitely not eating the rich and fat meals often served in Virgin River!) and the hero figures out there is more to what he wants in his partner. Nora had a rocky beginning introduction in Virgin River, in Bring Me Home for Christmas she is abandoned with two small young kids and no means to support them. Since book #16, Carr doesn't use this as merely a throw in story, she shows how Nora struggles to get a job that will pay for babysitting, how she struggles to buy clothes and car seats. Carr doesn't fail to show how hard it can be for a single mother without means and family to help her. Sunrise Point is not as steamy as the past few Virgin River books and it is much slower paced. But it is still very sweet and rewarding.