Anna Dressed in Blood

Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake Somewhere around 3 stars. I could not wait to read this book and when I learned the audio book would be available for free through the audiosync summer download program, I waited to listen to it. That was a mistake. This is not a book to listen to. The narration is horrible. It is painful to listen to. But I pushed through because I wanted to finish the story. This was my second mistake. I should have stopped, deleted the file from my computer and phone forever and read the book. A so-so narrator doesn’t effect my opinion of a book, but a seriously poorly done narration likely effects my enjoyment of a story. It is hard for me to say if I would have enjoyed the story more if I had read it. So what did I like about the story?Murdering ghostsInteresting lead (whose name is Cass … popular name in this genre right now)Dark story, pushing a young adult story in a direction most young adult stories do not goI believe the sequel will answers my questions below and I am planning on reading it. Horror-ific descriptions. Gore, lots of it and I loved it. The cover lived up to my expectations of how the scenes would be painted. What I didn’t enjoy about the story?The side characters didn’t stand out to me. I didn’t miss them when they weren’t in a scene and ultimately the characters blended together for me. The murders and who done it aspect was not interesting to me. The focus of the story for me was Anna and the resolution of her story, everything that happened after that was something I rushed through (literally I changed the audio to 2X speed)The world building was weak and left me with questions.Questions I have about the story (spoilers so I will mark it) Why did the ghosts murder? Was it just because they were victims before they died?Why was Anna corporeal? Was it just because of what her mother did to her? To be fair, the questions I have about the murdering ghosts are the same questions I have for Stacia Kane’s downside ghosts series. The idea of the afterlife not being peaceful and completely switching the framework of how we view the afterlife (e.g. murdering ghosts) leaves me wondering, why, how? In the end, the story was decent and I liked it. Anna was freaky, scary and a truly unusual female love interest. The easy love interest would be the prom queen but thank goodness Cass focuses on the dead girl. By the way, the prom girl is more than even Cass thinks she is in the beginning. If you are looking for a spooky scary ghost story, this isn’t it but if you are looking for an interesting decent young adult horror focused story then I think most readers would enjoy this book.