Dust & Decay (Benny Imura)

Dust & Decay - Jonathan Maberry This book was amazing!! What a flipping ride. I loved it. Loved it. I can't believe I picked up the first in this series on a whim and by a recommendation only. I feel like this series should have been on my radar long before. The narration of both Rot & Ruin and Dust & Decay is very well done; so good that I had a hard time pausing the audio to live my life (get work done, be a parent, talk to my boss, etc. etc.) Dust & Decay starts off slowly and at some points, Tom Immura's philosophizing and constant instruction is irritating -- let me emphasize -- only at some points. But then, the story abruptyly takes off and it is non-stop until the end of the epilogue. Dust & Decay comes close to the fabulousness of Rot & Ruin but it will also break readers' hearts. My 13 year old is reading Rot & Ruin right now and I can imagine that Dust & Decay will bring her to tears. I love how Maberry brings a new twist to the zombie tale -- the tale of humanity, morality and human beings. If you haven't started this story, I highly recommend it. If you like audio books then I recommend trying the audio as the narration is done really well. Unfortunately, #3 (Flesh & Bone) is not available in audio right now and I am trying to decide if the audio is worth waiting for or if I should dive right back in to the world of Benny Immura.Warrior Smart!!