Dream Lake. by Lisa Kleypas (Friday Harbor)

Dream Lake. by Lisa Kleypas (Friday Harbor) - Lisa Kleypas Now this book approaches the greatness of Lisa Kleypas of the Hathaways, Wallflowers and Travis series -- not quite as good as those, but definitely much better than the first two in the Rainshadow Road series. This book was fun, good, and sexy. I loved it. I listened to the audio and it was read by a very sexy sounding male narrator. My one complaint is how the narrator read the female voices, but in the end ... the story was written so well and performed so well it was forgivable. The first two in the Rainshadow Road series are good but not great, not Kleypas great. They were entertaining though and they did show promise. Well, the promise was completed with Dream Lake. This book has a secret from the past that must be discovered, a wounded hero struggling to overcome his own past and a touch of magic. Sweet sexy fun, Kleypas has delivered. If you gave up on this series, I recommend giving it one more chance.I cannot wait to read the next one in the series.