My Kind of Christmas (Virgin River, #20)

My Kind of Christmas - Robyn Carr I just love Virgin River. I wish it was a real place and the characters were real. I love them all, even the ones other fans seem to love to hate -- Vanni and Mel. I love the babies, the pregnancy talk and the examinations. I love the food descriptions and the talk of hard work. And I love the sweet romance that always seems to come with a nice slow build of steam. Robyn Carr regularly puts out a holiday installment of her Virgin River series. Sometimes they are grand slams (like a Virgin River Christmas #6 and Bring Me Home for Christmas #16) and sometimes they are just solid sweet stories and that is My Kind of Christmas. I have a crazy life. Four kids and a busy stressful job. I know the allure of Virgin River for me -- the idea of a community where I could escape the stress and live a fulfilling life is so very appealing. My Kind of Christmas brings characters together that are running from difficult pasts and stressful lives. Their resolution is predictable but no less sweet and rewarding. My Kind of Christmas is #20 in the series, slightly less steamy and perhaps as predictable as some of Carr's book in this series but definitely worth the read. I can't wait for #21.