Dreaming of You (Gamblers, #2)

Dreaming of You (Gamblers, #2) - Lisa Kleypas,  Rosalyn Landor I do really enjoy Lisa Kleypas’s historical novels. I am not sure if she is historically accurate, but I do like the injection of modern ideas of class fairness into her main characters. She often portrays a few characters who are not aristocracy and although I think what she writes is pure fantasy, I enjoy it. Dreaming of You had everything I normally love about Kleypas’s historicals: scoundrel raised up from the streets, shy but determined heroine who supports herself for a living, passion and wonderfully choreographed love scenes. So why three stars? It may be unfair for Kleypas because I judge her books by the measuring stick of Kleypas – is it as good as the Wallflowers? The Hathaways? They Travises? Then it would be 4-5 stars. Well this book was good, but not one of her greats. It was too long. The story ended and was completed by 85% yet it continued on. I just didn’t care about how the heroine decorated her new townhome or what gowns she bought – after she already had her HEA. I know this is one of Kleypas’s earlier books and I think she has worked out timing and climax better in her later novels. This book seems to have two climaxes – two complete resolutions and it just was too much. Toward the end of the book I kept wanting it to be over. Still, I would recommend this book to those who enjoy regency historical romance and Kleypas’s books. But if you are new to Kleypas, I would suggest starting somewhere else and working your way to this book. And I have an admission. I get sick of the hero and heroine ending up to be extreme millionaires and living out their live with lots of servants. I know that that fantasy is exactly what these books are about, but I'd love for a historical romance where the hero and heroine are just average people.I listened to this book and the narration was done really well. Kleypas must have a wonderful screening process to pick out narrators because I have as of yet to discover a poorly narrated novel of hers.