Then Came You

Then Came You - Lisa Kleypas Not quite 4 stars, but better than 3 stars so I will give it my unofficial rating of 3.5 stars.Then Came You is a book that I started to listen to several years ago and was just not interested in Lily, the main character. She seemed selfish and attention seeking and I was just not interested. I should have kept listening and I am glad I gave this book another chance. Then Came You is one of Kleypas's earlier written historicals. And in both books in this series, the content is darker in terms of what is happening to the main characters. The main character, Lily, has been spurned by her family, left at the alter by a fiancee, and seduced and abandoned by a man who left her pregnant and unmarried. Two years before the novel begins, poor Lily's daughter is kidnapped from her and she has spent her fortune and the past two years hunting for her daughter. Then Came You is an emotional ride. The hero, is also recovering from his own emotional trauma. I admit to tearing up several times in this book. Of course Kleypas wraps the novel up nearly perfectly. My one complaint is that I just didn't buy into that Lily would be able to raise her daughter as her daughter. That society would accept it and her husband would accept it. Kleypas failed to explain how this was going to happen.