The Warrior (Return of the Highlanders Series #3)

The Warrior - Margaret Mallory 2.5 stars, maybe.This book just was not for me. If you enjoy romance focused books and are okay with incompletely developed characters, problems resolved by improbable coincidences, and where the bad guys are just baaaaaddd and the good guys are golden then ignore my review and rating. There were some really good ideas in this book. Every good idea though, just happened too quickly or too easily. This is one of those rare books that could have had either less happening or 100 more pages. The writing was not bad, but Mallory failed to fully develop each scene or situation. The bad guy is really bad and the of course has some crazy and surprising connection to the main characters. The Warrior was disappointing, while I did not read the first two in this series I was not confused or struggling to figure out what was going on.