Finding the Lost (Sentinel Wars Series #2)

Finding the Lost - Shannon K. Butcher I admit that my interest in Shannon K Butcher's books was initially sparked from my huge fanship of her husband's writing. But I have stuck around and continue to read this series because I like Ms. Butcher's style. The mythology behind the Sentinel Wars is interesting and from my experience in the PNR genre -- unique. PNR for me is hit or miss. I tend to get bored after the resolution of the romance. I get bored with the use of the same trope -- big tortured guy meets virginal tiny woman and saves her. But the Sentinel Wars is an interesting twist in the PNR genre. The men need the women to leave, they need their pair bond to maintain their soul. There are demons, demon fighters, and an otherworldly creatures. There is a hidden history behind the demon hunters introduced into Find the Lost that left my curious. I am definitely reading more in this series and by Ms. Butcher.