Frisco's Kid (Tall, Dark and Dangerous)

Frisco's Kid - Suzanne Brockmann 3.5 stars. This was a quick light read. I read it in one night. I did not read the two before it but was still able to just pick this one up and enjoy it. The storyline was very interesting. The main character -- Frisco -- has been permanently disabled and no longer can walk without a cane, much less run and still be an active duty Navy SEAL. Frisco goes through alot of self discovery issues and it is interesting to see him progress. The side story line involves Frisco's 5 year old niece -- his challenges with taking care of her were realistic and read really well. Additioanlly, issues of alcoholism and child neglect are addressed. If someone is looking for a light summer read that has romance as a major theme, I would recommend this book. While not as good as the Troubleshooters series, this was still enjoyable.