Sweethearts - Sara Zarr There are some friends in my past, from high school and college, that I really miss. I don't know why I lost touch with them but I did. I am talking about people I feel that marked me in an indelible way and yet somehow situations shifted and we were no longer in touch. This was before cell phones and emails, maybe it would be different now, if I was growing up now. Maybe not. But every now and again I am sad about it, about the loss of them -- wondering where we would be as friends if I had done what I was supposed to and stayed in touch. I guess regret is normal with the passing of time. But it sucks. What if you had a chance to meet that person again that you miss so much? How would it be? If you ran in to them now, talked to them now, who you are now .. and they just join your current life now, as you are now. What would happen? Do you stay who you are or do you revert, degress, devolve? Can this fantasy ever turn out good?Sweethearts tries to answer this question. [a:Sara Zarr|19093|Sara Zarr|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1302718823p2/19093.jpg] does it in her typical fashion with richly crafted characters that appear in situations that seem so real and solid that I may have experienced them at one point in my life. Even though it is a mere 217 pages, this book addresses in a thorough manner parental neglect, childhood abuse, bullying, overeating, and the stress of high school social relationships. I am not sure how Zarr manages to do it, but she is brilliant. Despite my love for this book, [b:Story of a Girl|33906|Story of a Girl|Sara Zarr|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1344270520s/33906.jpg|2420507] and [b:How to Save a Life|10757806|How to Save a Life|Sara Zarr|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1337211222s/10757806.jpg|14982110] are my favorites by her so far. But it is a silly ranking, maybe even a waste of time because all three are amazing. When this story ended I cried. I cried for the characters and maybe I cried for myself. It isn't a sad book or a depressing book, but it is real.