Highlander Most Wanted: The Montgomerys and Armstrongs

Highlander Most Wanted - Maya Banks Check out this review and others like it at BadAssBookReviewsThis book was an emotional ride for me. I felt right there with the heroine's ups and downs. I am not sure how Ms. Banks does it, but I was hooked and in the palm of her hand for the entirety of this book. So basically, I loved it from the beginning. Maya Banks as a historical romance novelist is a new discovery for me. I began reading her earlier Highlander trilogy and gorged myself on it in a few days. I was so excited to discover she has a new Highlander series. You may ask if these are historically accurate? Nah, but ... it is good. It is a wonderful escape.This novel centers on two families, previously at odds against each other but now are allied. Reading the first story before this one is a must. As the set-up of the drama and battle that happens at the beginning of Highlander Most Wanted happens at the conclusion of #1.Banks' is very good at creating scarred heroines - both physically and emotionally. The first in this series dealt with a less than perfect heroine and this one followed that pattern. This book is moving. I read this series and Banks' other historical romance series to be entertained as an escape -- romance, sexy heroes, sexy scenes and a faraway setting. Yet this book was more than that for me. I did not expect to be as emotionally moved as I was by Highlander Most Wanted. This novel brought me to tears several times -- by what the heroine endured and how the hero treated her. Ultimately the resolution of the tension and the problem is satisfying. To get to that resolution is a slow build to. It does not happen quickly or easily. The setting, while likely not historically accurate, is painted with a realistic feel in that the characters are fighting for daily comforts -- food, warmth and safety. It is sort of an adult Little House on the Prairie with ummm, romance and sex.I cannot wait until #3 in this series is released. These are great escape novels. Do not expect Outlander and do not expect detailed historical accuracy -- but you can expect an emotional story with a satisfying ending.