Family Camping Cookbook

Family Camping Cookbook - 'Tiff Easton',  'Jim Easton' This was an interesting and a quick read, but a useful resource to look back at as necessary. I am just starting to venture into the world of camping with kids and I have a full range of both young and older kids (3.5 to 12.5) so I am always looking for anything that will make preparation of meals while camping easier. This book is set to be published in the UK and well, I live in the US. So some ingredients and meals are not typical for what I would carry in my house or prepare for my kids. Having said that, all of the meals look very yummy and simple to prepare. What was good about this book. Explanations of why the writers brought certain items.The authors’ advice on packing tips and pre-preparation tips.The deserts and breakfasts are very yummy and look easy to prepare.Open fire cooking tips.The authors break down the meals in categories of meals for families with young kids and older kids.The authors have advice about getting kids to help in food preparation.Marinades and dressings to be made at home look very good and easy to make.The recommendation of bringing food pre-made for the first night.What won’t work for me:The dinners and lunches seemed more complicated that what I am looking for as a newer camper with young kids. I am definitely looking for less complicated recipes, right now. But as I begin to branch out, I will look more to these recipes.If you are looking to branch out and try new recipes for cooking and you are hoping to eat more healthier and interesting fare than hotdogs and hamburgers then this book is definitely for you.