Wicked Cravings (The Phoenix Pack, #2)

Wicked Cravings  (The Phoenix Pack, #2) - Suzanne  Wright Wicked Cravings is the second in the paranormal "romantica" series the Phoenix Pack.  It is a convergence of erotica and romance -- explicit sex and a happily ever after resolution.  Shifter books tend to be my favorite in the paranormal romance genre and I had a lot of fun with the first book in this series Feral Sins.  So I began reading Wicked Cravings with a lot of excitement. I was not disappointed.  There are few things that are not surprising about this book -- the main characters will hook up, there will be explicit sex and there is going to be a happily ever after.  Readers of romantica and paranormal romance can just expect those basics.  But Wicked Cravings delivers more.  Suzanne Wright delivers humor that is laugh out loud funny and a decent werewolf storyline. There are similarities between Feral Sins and Wicked Cravings. Both involve extremely dominant shifters - both heroes and heroines (here Dante and Jaime). Both involve female shifters that have issues with shifting. And both involve two characters who are fighting the desire to be together tooth, nail -- and with laugh out loud verbal exchanges. Despite those similarities, Wicked Cravings is its own unique story.There is a who-dun-it, but I was wrong in guessing the bad guy -- which I love! And the suspense story line added a nice twist but what really made this book is how the characters develop and change. For Dante and Jaime to be able to come together as a couple they both had to make adjustments in their lives and compromises. Wright shows these happening slowly over time and she shows the struggles each of them has with either accepting that their partner has changed or making the changes themselves. Taryn and Trey are in a good portion of this story and not a high wave how are you doing either. They play decent roles in this story and it was nice getting to see how their relationship is progressing.Bottom line -- this book is fun and hard to put down. Readers who like paranormal romance with explicit scenes will likely enjoy this book. If readers are bothered by explicit dominant type scenes, then this book is definitely not for them.Check out this review and others like it at BadAssBookReviews