Forbidden Fruit (Corine Solomon, #3.5)

Forbidden Fruit (Corine Solomon, #3.5) - Ann Aguirre Forbidden fruit takes place after Shady Lady and before Devil’s Punch. This is a novella and should not be read as a standalone or until Shady Lady is read.I have a mixed relationship with the Corinne Solomon series. I enjoy and appreciate Ann Aguirre’s writing style. Few authors write characters they way she does. Aguirre includes characters not usually written about by other authors and she develops these characters with intense internal conflict. Importantly, the world building is solid and intricate. Ms. Aguirre crafts a great story, unlike most urban fantasy series — she fills them with interesting characters. This is a darker, grittier and character focused series. My issues with this series is my personal annoyance with the main character; and also, that in the first book the storyline dragged toward the end. My second complaint was not an issue in books 2 and 3, Aguirre wrote a damned good story in both 2 and 3. Basically with every book in this series I am a little more into the series and definitely more hooked.Forbidden fruit is a novella told from the point of view of Shannon Cheney introduced in Hell Fire . The novella centers around Shannon and Jesse. I really liked this story and would love to read more from Shannon’s point of view and about Jesse.Forbidden Fruit is a sexy and sweet novella. The scaries that exist in the world of Corinne Solomon exist in this world and are after Shannon — but she doesn’t know it. This novella made me want to get back into Corinne Solomon and read devil Devil’s Punch …. very soon. Readers and fans of this series will want to read Forbidden Fruit because it is fun and because it ties up some story lines from Shady Lady. Conflicted readers of this series (like me …) will want to read Forbidden Fruit because it will recharge you and convince you that you need to finish the series.