Little Bee

Little Bee - Chris Cleave This is a book that compelled me to keep reading and had me thinking about it when I wasn't reading it. So that is why I gave it 3 stars -- books that can do that are worth it. My main issue is that the characters seemed to be not real, but metaphors for problems in society and I feel like the end message was that the problems facing refugees and aslyees are bigger than the average citizen and it isn't worth it to get involved -- we cannot change the country dynamics and the bureacracy challenges in our own country are too immense to work around. If we get too involved we will only get hurt. Everyday western citizens can't handle the reality and don't want to handle the reality of what is going on. And if they do know -- they are useless to help. That I feel is the author's message. It is a male author and he writes in the first person for two female characters. I don't think he convincingly wrote as a woman would think/feel -- or as a mother would think/feel. But I think this may be a harsh judgment, b/c I don't criticize female authors for failing to paint a realistic man. But I was just not buying that this was how a mother thinks (I am a mother of 4 kids). I was not buying that this is how a grieving wife feels/acts. The ending was horrible. What was the point?