Frost Burned: Mercy Thompson Book 7

Frost Burned  - Patricia Briggs Want to win a copy of Frost Burned? Want to read an interview with Patricia Briggs?!! Then click here! Check out this review and others like it at BadAssBookReviewsBeyond typing “I loved it. I loved it. OMG I loved it.” over and over again, it is hard to write a coherent review. Why? Because I loved this book so much. It was an emotional and a fun experience reading it. I feel like I lived another life through the pages of this book!Patricia Briggs’s talent seems to increase with every book that she writes. Frost Burned brings a heightened level of complexity and character development to the Mercy world — in the same manner that Fair Game did for the Alpha & Omega world. Like the other Mercy novels, there is danger and Mercy is engaged in figuring out the source of danger. What I like about how Mercy traces down the danger is that she does it in a rational way. She does take chances, but only if she has to. She really doesn’t want to be reckless. And Mercy’s actions make sense. I can see her living a real life off the pages of these books, fixing cars and giving Adam heck. The cast of characters that are involved in Frost Burned is large, but in my opinion it was manageable and oh so satisfying to see “everyone”. Frost Burned feels longer than previous Mercy books and is very meaty. This book is worth reading and buying now.The monsters are freaking scary and yes this includes the werewolves. Briggs’s stories are engaging because they are not simplistic. She does this by writing horrifying creatures that remind me of what I was afraid of when I was younger and alone in the dark. Vampires are not sexy — well they may be sexy, but only in a terrifying way. Werewolves’ protective nature may be admirable, but it gets in the way of modern life and puts others in the vicinity of a protective werewolf in danger. And then we have the Fae. For those readers that read Fair Game, then you know that the stakes have been upped and the world is suddenly a much more dangerous place for supernaturals. In the midst of all this there is Mercy and Adam. Their humor, banter and flirting shine through the pages and as does their love for each other. Thankfully, their bond is stronger than ever ..Kyle blinked. “You can talk to Adam when he’s not in the room, and you don’t have a phone?”Frost Burned gives readers several chapters from Adam’s point of view. These advance the story line and give good insight into why Adam does what he does. But also, (for me anyway) reading Adam’s point of view solidifies that he there is NO doubt that Adam is my favorite werewolf. I live to read when he is frustrated with Mercy and yells, “Mercy!”I gotta say that I love what being an alpha and submissive means to Briggs. Alpha is not just to push people around and to dominate. Alpha is to protect and care for others. As Briggs writes, having a submissive werewolf in a pack is a gift because it breaks the tension and gives the alphas something to focus on and protect. I love this concept, it is so beautiful.Frost Burned is funny (lots of really good humor) and sweet; it moves the Mercy world forward. Fans of Mercy and Patricia Briggs will not be disappointed.