Small Favor (The Dresden Files, Book 10)

Small Favor - Jim Butcher I was conflicted on how to review this book. The first 50% of the book is constant action, not much dialogue except as it relates to the action. How many grave injuries does Harry get over this series? I understand that fighting is dangerous and Butcher makes it realistic, but the constant aches and pains and injuries, well sometimes it is tiring! I was frustrated with Harry for once again just expecting Thomas to join in on the fight and for bringing the danger to the Carpenters. Michael does make a cutting comment to Harry when Harry says to Michael I know understand this is dangerous for your family and Michael responds, "Do you?" Harry says he worreis about he Carpenters and he is there risking his life for Molly and Michael, but when he is in trouble -- he runs there. Couldn't he call Michael and ask him to meet him somewhere else? Shouldn't the White Council set up a safehouse somewhere in the city? It seems like there would be some use for it. As to Thomas joining in the fight there is only a joking back and forth about how Harry expects Thomas to join in the fight because they are brothers. But is that enouhg? Why is Thomas sticking around to constantly bail Harry out/help him save the world? Is it the brother connection? Because Harry was there for him when no when else was? It just seems that without Thomas, Harry would be in serious trouble. However, the second half of the book redeemed the entire book. This book involves struggles with both the summer and winter courts of the fae, the denarians/fallen angels, Johnny Marcone, the Archive and Kincaid, Michael and Sanya, and then Luccio and Murphy step in to help. So basically everyone from the previous books (I guess absent the werewolves) are present. I really like Michael and love when he gets involved, there are some very intersting moments between Harry and Michael discussing religion and beliefs. Several people -- the denarians and Michael -- wonder about Lasciel's influence on Harry. And even though I remembered what happened at the end of White Night, I still wondered -- is Lasciel influencing him? Without spoiling anything, it becomes clear that a powerful force has messed with Harry's mind but it is not clear who did this. Being from Chicago, I loved the descriptions of Chicago in the winter, visiting the Shedd Aquarium (and it was very accurately described), Union Station, and boating on Lake Michigan in a blizzard. Molly adds so much to the story, I just love having her around! The continuing plot themese from both short stories (i.e. Gard), from earlier books (e.g. Demeter, issues with the Summer Court, the attack on the Winter Court, the Black Counsel) make this book very rich -- and many of the issues are not yet resolved. Small Favor delves a little more deeply into who the Archive (Ivy) is, where she comes from, and the scenes that include Kincaid are fun. *SPOILER SPOILER******What a relief that Harry finally gets some romantic relief! But what a surprise (or maybe not) that it was Luccio. Readers are rewarded to know that YES it is Murphy who is supposed to wield the sword, but she declines to pick it up ...... now. I was so sad for Michael, his injuries are life changing and he will not be wielding the sword again. So now Harry is holding two swords until it becomes clear who should be wielding them. Right after I finished this book I read the short in Side Jobs "The Warrior". I highly recommend reading it close to finishing Small Favor, the story visits with Michael and his family one year after he has recovered (to the extent he ever will) from his injuries and the story also addresses the problems Harry encounters from guarding the two swords. It is a great short and it definitely helped ease the pain I felt for Michael -- I think in the end he got what he wanted -- retirement and time with his family. Another good Dresden short to read close on the tails of Small Favor is "Day Off", it is about Harry and Luccio's blossoming relationship but done in a funny light hearted way. Some of my favorite quotes:"Punctuality is for people with nothinb etter to do," Harry said. "Or for those who have already taken care of the details," murmured a women's voice. My brother threw up his hands. "What does a woman need to do, Harry? Rip her clothes off, throw herself on top of you, and shimmywhile screaming, 'Do me, baby!'?" He shook his head. "Sometimes you're a frigging idiot."Sanya talking about Murphy: "Tiny," Sanya rumbled to Michael, clenching a demonstrative fist. "But firece.""Second," Nicodemus said, "I want five inutes alone with Dresden." "No offense, Nick," I said, "but that's about five minutes longer than I want to spend with you."