Forbidden Falls (Virgin River)

Forbidden Falls - Robyn Carr This is one of my favorite in the series. The new characters are good additions to the Virgin River world and there is a decent inclusion of past favorites - -Mel, Jack, Preacher, Brie, Paul, Vannessa .... It is a sweet romance and a sweet life make-over story. There is a heartwrenching storyline about the loss of custody by a mother of her children but Carr presents it emotionally realistically. There is a very believable and genuine storyline about the stress and hard work of motherhood. Carr dealt with it well and I was glad to see it written in to this storyline as so much of it deals with young mothers. Motherhood is great but it is not all roses. My only complaint is the secondary storyline of a rekindling of a romance -- while nice -- was not very believable. Still, it was well written.This one can be read as a standalone and I think it will be enjoyable.