Initial Thoughts on a Beautiful romance!

Live - Mary Ann Rivers

full review to come soon. My initial thoughts are that I loved this book. It is a different kind of romance in the style of writing and the focus of the story is both the romance and the growth of the characters. I kept pronouncing the title is "Liiive" (lɪv) but at the end I realized it is "Live" (short vowel sound). Live is beautifully written, well done and I just fell in love with the characters. There is a beautifully done back story that really makes the characters feel like people I know. I agree with some reviewers that Live is wordy but personally I loved that. There are many thoughtful inner monologues and depending on the author these can really fail -- but in my opinion they did not fail in Live. Oh, and there is a sweet romance with steamy sex scenes. Yes these are my initial thoughts, more to come.