How to Run with a Naked Werewolf: Sweet Romance, Sexual Tension and Laughs

How to Run with a Naked Werewolf  - Molly Harper

I think I say this every time I read a Molly Harper book. Molly Harper is an easy go-to read for me, one that I know will make me laugh, I know the path and trajectory of the novel and characters but it still keeps me smiling. How to Run with a Naked Werewolf is no exception. This is a quick, easy and fun read. There are no big surprises in storyline, just a good and slow building of sexual tension and romance, funny and sarcastic flirting, and the quirky atmosphere of a Molly Harper storyline.

“In my time with the valley pack, I’d met werehorses, were-bears, and even a tragically less cool wereskunk named Harold.”

“I shook off the Norman Bates flashbacks and told myself it was just like any of the other crappy indigent motels I’d stayed at in any number of cities, and I hadn’t been stabbed in the shower yet. There was that one time a crazy lady kicked down my door and accused me of sleeping with her husband, but it turned out she’d meant to break into the room across the hall.”

“I sprang up from the floor and jumped on her back to slow her down, but man, she was fast on those big plastic heels. “Get off me!” she shouted as I dragged her backwards. “No!” I said. “ Give us the ring.” OK, now I definitely felt like Gollum.”

Run with a Naked Werewolf deals with a heavier story line than many of Harper’s books. The heroine is on the run from an abusive ex-husband and she is dealing with the emotional trauma of having suffered for years with him. Harper deals with this topic fairly, but still manages to keep the story upbeat and funny.

“So, with the portable wireless hot spot I persuaded him to buy from the cellphone store, I was able to (a) help with Internet research and (b) avoid the Alaskan version of hipsters who frequented Internet cafes.”

If you haven’t listened to the audio book version of Molly Harper’s books, I would suggest to go out and start – start with this series in fact. Having listened to the majority of her books and read only a few, I think Harper’s books were meant to be performed. They are laugh out loud – ugly snorts – funny. The humor carries over in the books, but the delivery is just better when narrated. 

The first book in this series is the strongest, it is hard to top Mo and Coop’s story (and they appear briefly in this book). But How to Run is a decent book, good fun and a solid 3.5 stars.