Devil's Metal, Sex, Drugs, Heavy Metal and Demons

The Devil's Metal  - Karina Halle

Such a fun and engrossing book! Also freaky and scary, this book is pure entertainment. What is it about Karina Halle that everything she writes should be turned into a movie? Devil’s Metal needs to be a movie. It is the type of story which would be so fun to watch – with popcorn, chocolate and a margarita.


I have heard comparisons between Devil’s Metal and Almost Famous, and the similarities are definitely there. A journalist tours with a metal band in the 1970s, lots of sex, groupies, drugs and drama. Yeah, that is the fun stuff. But the similarities end there. Devil’s Metal is told from the first person point of view a young female college student wanna-be music reviewer, Dawn aka Rusty, who is desperate to write for CREAM magazine. The books starts with Dawn at home, before she is on tour. We see her with her family, her friend and we learn of her problems and her hopes. Basically good set-up stuff for the book is laid out for the readers.


Quickly into the story, Dawn is on tour with a heavy metal 1970s band that is on the verge of making it big and writing for CREAM. Dawn is not clear why she has been chosen for the gig of her dreams and neither is the band. Devil’s Metal is non-stop drama and escalation. Every scene pushes the storyline to further intensity. There is delicious sexual tension, name dropping of big time metal 1970s stars, party scenes, tension, philosophizing about music, and great discussions on freedom of sexual choices for women – all told in a sexy, fun and compelling way. I listened to the audio version of Devil’s Metal and could not turn it off. Karina Halle has created another great world with a great storyline.


Dark magic, demons, murder, cross country travels in a tour bus, rock star excess and sex – that is Devil’s Metal. Who would like this story? Fans of Karina Halle’s other stories would definitely enjoy Devil’s Metal. Fans of spooky tales told in the first person point of view and who are okay with scenes involving heavy drinking, sex and rock and roll will also like this book. Now I am off to read the sequel Devil’s Reprise.